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Through the end of July, Kroger is running a promotion offering double fuel points for all of your purchases on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. This can result in huge savings at the gas pump if your Kroger has an accompanying gas station. Although this is only a summer promotion, the company also features additional fuel point bonuses throughout the year. For instance, every time the company offers double fuel points for buying gift cards, I always buy a stack of iTunes gift cards for myself.

I load them onto my iTunes account because I have to pay for my music anyway, and why not earn extra fuel points while doing so? Every Friday, Kroger sends out an email announcing its free product for that week. Last week, as seen in the photo at left, it was a free box of Quaker Granola Bars. It will take you to your login page and you can add the product to your digital coupon listing. The Balance Everyday uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using The Balance Everyday, you accept our. Couponing Mobile Coupons. I just started to use coupons and it all seems a little overwhelming.

Thank you for explaining things for us beginners. WIll I be able to apply that coupon to multiple instances of the product in question? For instance, suppose the coupon is for tropicana juice, if I buy two bottles, will I get a two dollar discount on each bottle? Thanks for your help. I am going to study all your website thoroughly and recommend it to all my friends! May 26, at am. My question is this, what is the best way to save money on groceries? I rarely get coupons under.

What is the best way to save on groceries and where is the best place to shop for groceries? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. May 26, at pm. Brandi , I think Kroger is a great store for couponing because they regularly have great sales. You cannot combine your paper coupons with the coupons on your card though because they are both manufacturers coupons.

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May 25, at am. My favorite part of going to the store is the hear the person behind me making negative remarks and mumbling and grumbling about how there should be a line just for people who use coupons.

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Then you see their jaw drop when I go from I then place an avery label on each photo slot and organize my coupons in alphabetical order antacids, airfreshner, baby products…. I even made a few for friends and placed some coupons inside to help get them started.

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Bonnie L. Did you use coupons off your Kroger card and clipped coupons? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I understand about the difference in coupon policies across the states. Not very happy to say the least.

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I also use a binder for my coupons. Makes it so much easier. Instead of the photo sleeves I use the the clear sleeves for baseball cards. You are able to get more coupons on one page.

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I sort mine by type of products, i. I also share with my family. It is a great bonding time. May 22, at am.

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I live in NW Ohio. Kroger stores in my area do double coupons. I know they just had a triple coupon day recently. As far as the number of coupons per like item, one store cut me off at 3, and the cashier was pretty rude about it. Went to another Kroger close to the first, and they were out of the items that I wanted.

The store clerk was very helpful and issued a rain check to me for the items. She said their policy is 3 coupons for each like item, but that the 6 that I wanted to use would not be an issue at all. Visited a third on my way to work and got exactly what I needed in two transactions with NO hassle what so ever…needless to say I will be using that store most often!!

I got 9 tubes of toothpaste today for 13 cents each!!! As far as store policies, I try to keep the policies printed in my binder and updated for each store that I use. I love coupons and will never go back!!! May 15, at pm. Thank you so much for this helpful information! What a great deal! I could have done so much better had I know what was already marked down in the store, but maybe I will plan ahead with a preview trip next time. May 15, at am. But not for the real purpose of saving money until now with the recession and all. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me.

Thanks from Houston.

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May 9, at pm. I live in N. One store will take prined coupons, and the other wont. Smiths Kroger is my fav store to shop at but i wish they would have one policy. May 5, at pm. I had an acquaintance recently informed me that a Louisiana Kroger nearby was no longer doubling or tripling coupons anymore. I just called my local Kroger in southeast Texas to verify their current coupon policy, and I was informed that as of April something they are no longer doubling or tripling coupons here either. April 27, at pm. April 18, at am. When they scan your Kroger Card, the eCoupon automatically gets used and you cannot choose which coupon to use.

June 9, at pm.